Celebrating Leisure and Culture

Who wouldn’t want to travel? Everybody wants to bask in the sun, sand and sea or laze in some cozy hideaway to escape the madding urban jungle, even for a few fleeting moments.

But traveling is the just the means, not the end, of an odyssey—a long journey called “life”.

That is why every out-of-town trip or a visit to a new place should always be an enjoyable and life-enhancing experience—to rediscover the beauty of the Philippines shining through, make new friends, encounter different ways of life and cultures, sink your teeth on local cuisine, or be inspired by home-grown stories.

Ultimately, these things would expand your life perspective and enhance your character and personality. This is what Suroy Suanoy hopes to propose to weekend warriors, travel bugs and modern-day explorers.

This tongue-twisting title is taken from the Visayan word “suroy” which means travel and the Bikol word “Suanoy” which relates to heritage. Put together, it loosely means “heritage tour” which embraces not just the things with an old world charm, but heritage in its totality—nature, local culture, cuisine and everything in between.

This is also a fitting tribute to the two rich beautiful Philippine languages I love to speak even if I am a true-blue Tagalog. This site aims to be insightful, entertaining and helpful to those who do not want to be “dayuhan sa sariling bayan”.

Most importantly, our travels should remind us that the Lord God has provided us a wonderful country we should discover, nurture and be proud of. To Him be praise and honor for this little patch of paradise in this side of the world called the Philippines.

I hope you will enjoy the entries I will blog, and brag, about.

Come, let us celebrate leisure and culture the Filipino way.


1 thought on “Home”

  1. Nelia Suson Ong said:

    Love your first entry and can’t wait to read more. Enjoy the sights and sounds of your travels but be safe. Take care.

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